Breakthrough Comprehension Books 1, 2, 3


Breakthrough Comprehension
Book One

for Years 7–8

ISBN: 978-1-876603-09-0
RRP: $69.95
Fully photocopiable


Breakthrough Comprehension
Book Two

for Years 8–9

ISBN: 978-1-876603-10-6
RRP: $69.95
Fully photocopiable

Breakthrough Comprehension
Book Three

for Years 9–10

ISBN: 978-1-876603-11-3
RRP: $69.95
Fully photocopiable

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Breakthrough Comprehension Books are used in schools and colleges across Australia and in more than a dozen other countries.

"… the exercises are accessible to the weaker reader yet they allow scope for the brighter student to be creative … I am not aware of any other book available at the moment which teaches comprehension skills in this structured way and which is so easy to use for both student and the teacher."
Geraldine Larkin, English teacher
St Mary’s Secondary School, New Ross, Ireland

Key features

  • Developed specifically for secondary students
  • Cater for a wide range of reading and interest levels
  • Require students to use a variety of comprehension strategies
  • Include many different contemporary text types
  • Allow easy ‘back-to-back’ photocopying

Activities include:

  • Cloze exercises
  • Discussion activities
  • Formulating open-ended and closed questions
  • Genre identification
  • Identifying fact and opinion
  • Identifying main ideas
  • Illustrating activities
  • Justifying choices
  • Level 1 literal questions
  • Level 2 inferential questions
  • Level 3 evaluative/creative questions
  • Locating topic sentences
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Open-ended tasks
  • Reader positioning tasks
  • Rephrasing activities
  • Sequencing tasks
  • Summarising activities
  • True/false judgements
  • Who, what, where, when, why, and how questions

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