Speaking and Listening

Fully photocopiable

Speaking & Listening

Book 1 & CD 1

for Years 8–9

Binding: spiral
Format: A4 and audio CD
ISBN: 978-1-876603-49-6
RRP: $79.95


Fully photocopiable

Speaking & Listening

Book 2 & CD 2

for Years 9–10+

Binding: spiral
Format: A4 and audio CD
ISBN: 978-1-876603-50-2
RRP: $79.95

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These new, fully photocopiable books and the accompanying audio CDs provide the classroom teacher with an invaluable source of exciting, useful and effective strategies and activities for the teaching of speaking and listening.


Key Features

This approach to the teaching and development of speaking and listening will see students

  • become aware of the importance of effective oral communication,
  • understand which skills are required for effective oral communication,
  • have opportunities to practise and refine their speaking and listening skills,
  • take part in compelling interactions with others, and
  • enjoy themselves in the process of learning.


  • contexts and situations,
  • a variety of assessment tools,
  • focused listening exercises,
  • prepared and impromptu talks,
  • role play situations,
  • engaging tasks supported by audio CD,
  • interviewing techniques, and many more varied and challenging activities.


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