English reference guides
  • Double-sided laminated file cards that slip into a student’s file
  • Give detailed and practical information
  • Can be used by students in a variety of English courses


English Referencing Guide #1

  • Lists and explains important literary and technical terms and concepts
  • Revises parts of speech with dozens of examples
  • Outlines what to consider when analysing print fiction, feature articles, feature film and documentaries

ISBN: 978-1-876603-02-1
RRP: $4.95
Year level 10–12
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Spelling Reference Guide #2

  • Explains the 15 most useful spelling rules in English
  • Shows exceptions to these rules
  • Shows examples of confusing homophones and awkward-to-spell words


ISBN: 978-1-876603-03-8
RRP: $4.95
Year level 7–12
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Quoting and Referencing Guide #3

  • Provides a system for inserting quotations into essays and reports
  • Shows a logical systematic referencing protocol
  • Uses clear examples and has a wide range of applications

Quoting and Referencing

ISBN: 978-1-876603-04-5
RRP: $4.95
Year level 9–12
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