Young Adult Fiction / Split Lip

Split Lip
by Charles Maekivi

Paperback, 144 pages
ISBN: 978-1-876603-12-0
RRP: $14.95
Age: 13 +


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Adventure, romance, comedy, are the ingredients that make Split Lip a compelling read for all teenagers. This fast-paced, exciting and humorous book is hard to put down.

Split Lip tells the story of Lucas Ward and his involvement with an animal liberation group who aim to bring to public attention the disgraceful conditions that battery farmed chickens are forced to endure. It also tells of his romantic and bumbling involvement with the beautiful Ella and of uncovering the truth about his father.


"Split Lip a novel for disaffected teens that is humorous, exciting, thought provoking but enjoyable."
Reading Time

"The author does a particularly good job of drawing attention to the work of animal activists … Because the protagonist is fourteen, young readers can identify with his adolescent dreams and discoveries, as well as his cause."
Mary Koenig, Fiction Focus

"Split Lip invites young readers to care about what is happening in the world around them and may broaden their perspective on problems relevant to their own lives."
Veronica Lake, Head of English, Applecross SHS, WA

"A very enjoyable read for those twelve and upwards. Thought-provoking contemporary issues in Australian society are made accessible with humour and fast-paced adventure."
Jan Offerman, Head Librarian, Helena College, WA

"I liked the way a teenage romance, mystery, adventure and comedy were all tied together to make an exciting story."
Penny Vernon, Year 9 student

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