Young Adult Fiction / Rust

Rust: a collection of short stories
by Charles Maekivi

Paperback, 98 pages
ISBN: 978-1-876603-01-4
RRP: $13.95
Age: 12 +


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Rust is a particularly accessible collection of stories for 13 to 15 year olds. The stories are short, engaging, and suited to a wide range of reading abilities.


"I gave Rust to a Year 10 boy who’s been toting the same reading book around since
Year 7 (some cartoony thing, he doesn’t read anyway but sits and doodles in). Lo and behold he sat in total silence for the first time ever, completely engrossed. He loved it. He read 10 pages! Wanted to read it all lesson and asked if he could have it again next lesson."
Lyn Sofras, English teacher
Epsom and Ewell High School, Surrey UK

" Rust: a book to make kids read … Rust has real appeal for teenagers."
Western Teacher

"Author Charles Maekivi … has little trouble entering the world of his target audience … the stories continually stretch the nature of reading itself. Open-ended plots are tailor-made for further discussion …"
Anne Parlton, Sunday Times

"V8 Music" is listed as one of the Great Individual Short Stories ...
Tasmanian Education Department’s ltag site

"The standout stories in this collection of new fiction from Western Australia are V8 Music, Another Lesson, The Message, and Night Wolf. In each case, the stories are short, punchy and immediate with an unexpected sting in the tail. Adolescents can identify with a wide range of characters … these stories capture the reader’s attention …"
Ann Briggs, Magpies

“The stories are well written using a good descriptive style. Rust is an excellent collection of short stories.”
Nicola Muller, Fiction Focus

"…a collection of short stories for teen readers that definitely appeals with its original tales …"
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