Young Adult Fiction / Dear Jack


Dear Jack
by Tammi Sauer

Paperback, 192 pages
ISBN: 978-1-876603-14-4
RRP: $15.95
Age: 13 +


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There’s a pleasant surprise waiting for Laney Curtis—her mother is pregnant. But then Laney’s world is suddenly turned inside out when she is told that her mother has breast cancer.

What’s more, her mother’s totally unexpected reaction to the devastating news stuns everyone—especially Laney.

During this difficult time, Laney also becomes involved in a clever plan to win the heart of the adorable but unobtainable Andy Carter. Her frustration and keen sense of humour surface as she embarks on this seemingly impossible challenge.

Dear Jack is a tender and compelling story that takes the reader on a poignant and at times bumpy journey towards a memorable, uplifting and life-affirming conclusion.


"Dear Jack is an emotional ride ... The novel's easy style and teenage content will interest young readers ...
Accompanying the novel is a Dear Jack Resource Book ... a great tool for teachers with very practical and interesting activities ... both are highly recommended."
Joyce Michael, Fiction Focus
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"This book is not about grief alone. It is about love and unity within the family, and the necessity of support from friends during difficult times. "
Anastasia Gonis, Good Reading Magazine

"Dear Jack celebrates the mother daughter relationship ... A good book for girls ..."
Joy Lawn, Reading Time



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