Young Adult Fiction / Tailgater and other stories


Tailgater and other stories
by Charles Maekivi

Paperback, 168 pages
ISBN: 978-1-876603-35-9
RRP: $14.95
Age: 13 +


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These 12 short stories deal with contemporary themes in highly accessible language. The stories are compelling, fast-paced and overflow with mystery, humour, wit and surprise.



"Maekivi has produced short, sharp stories that are very readable and easily engage the reader's interest. He uses some novel approaches to the short story, utilising creative formats ...
Teamed up with the accompanying resource book by Tim Watson, the anthology is a very useful class tool for individual work or class work."
Joyce Michael, Fiction Focus
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"... just right for young adult readers ... They (the stories) have generally surprise endings, snappy, often witty and laced with humour, some with mystery, and some come with shock value."
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"There is a certain skill in writing short stories, and one can rarely find an author who can keep you interested and enthusiastic about the stories from cover to cover. Charles Maekivi's collection of short stories sparks such an interest in an intriguing way ... a book that makes you smile each time you see it on your shelf ..."
Viewpoint Magazine





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